3995m3 demiwater storage tank for Dow Chemicals.

Demiwater storage tank according to API 650 guidelines

API 650

Gpi has build a 3995m3 demineralised water tank on site for Dow Chemicals in Terneuzen according to API 650 guidelines.

The API 650 is the American standard for welded flat-bottomed vertical storage tanks. This standard dictates tank design, manufacture, welding, inspection and installation requirements. The API 650 is widely used for tanks designed to withstand low internal pressures, for the storage of typical products such as crude oil, petrol, chemicals and water.

Single Built on Site

Gpi recommended the construction method Single tank on site for this project. This tank was produced on site at our clients location in Terneuzen using our site construction machine. The project includes a tank with a capacity of 3995m³, a dimension of 19 meters and a total height of approx. 18 meters. The total weight of the tank is 82,000 kg.

Duplex stainless steel

The tank is manufactured from the high quality Duplex 2205 material with a 3.2 material certification. This means that the material has been inspected by both the manufacturer and an independent third party and is therefore provided with independent verification of the material conformity.

Watch the film for an impression of this project.

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