Stainless steel tank construction

Gpi Tanks XL constructs stainless steel tanks

Gpi Tanks XL is your specialist when it comes to major stainless steel tank projects. We produce stainless steel storage tanks with diameters and heights up to 30 metres either in our XL production hall or on site. We have clients in a range of niche markets, from the food industry to the chemicals industry, pharmaceuticals industry and cosmetics industry. Every organisation and every industry has its own needs and peculiarities and unique products and processes. We pay close attention to these differences to ensure that communication is as smooth as possible and help add value to projects.

Tank construction – the design

It all starts with a robust tank design. Once a quote has been finalised, our engineers get to work designing the tank. Working closely with the client, they design the tank(s) and their details using our proprietary software TankDesign. We produce all of our products to specification and ensure cost-efficient designs, long service lives and minimal maintenance costs. 


Working with you and advising

We use our lengthy experience and in-depth expertise in a range of industries to work with you to design a solution. We can advise on the efficient dimensions of tanks, for example, on complex process tanks and reactors, on heating and cooling, hygienic finishes and on the best agitator systems.

Stainless steel tanks

To safeguard quality, we make all of our tanks from stainless steel, an exceptionally strong and corrosion-resistant material that is suitable for virtually every application. Various types of stainless steel are available, and we regularly use stainless steel 304(L) and 316(L), but stainless steel duplex can sometimes be an option worth considering. We would be happy to advise on the most suitable stainless steel and finish for your product.

Our place or on site

Our production hall in Groot-Ammers is located adjacent to the river, so we can ship tanks directly using the waterways. We take care of the whole process from start to finish, beginning with design by our own engineers, followed by production, transport and installation. We can also construct tanks on site.

An overview of our construction methods

Shop built

  • Complete production in our XL production hall in Groot-Ammers.
  • Stainless steel tanks with a capacity to 5000 m3.
  • Transport and installation taken care of.
  • We can ship tanks directly via the waterways.

Single tank on site

  • One or multiple XL tank(s) constructed on site.
  • To 30 metres diameter and 30 metres in height.
  • When transport or installation on site is difficult or impossible.
  • Efficient production on site with our proprietary coil building system.

Multiple tanks on site

  • Multiple XL tanks constructed on site.
  • To 30 metres diameter and 30 metres in height.
  • When transport or installation on site is difficult or impossible.
  • An efficient process for the production of multiple tanks on site at the same time.

Strict safety and quality requirements

Our tanks and installations satisfy strict requirements when it comes to hygiene, durability, safety and ease of use. We work to set standards and regulations by keeping all engineering, production and quality control in house. Our VCA P certified assembly department assembles, installs and tests tanks and peripheral equipment to applicable regulations, plans and strict procedures and instructions.

Comprehensive documentation

Where necessary, we can document product quality and test results in comprehensive documentation files. We also keep track of the origin of all materials automatically, so if an audit is announced, we’re always ready.

Your enquiry online in three easy steps

Prefer to have your tanks constructed in our plant and shipped or assembled right there on site? Please follow the simple step-by-step process that we have set up to help you with your enquiry.