Bio-energy storage tanks

Stainless steel tanks for bio-energy production

Tanks are generally indispensable in the production of energy from biomass. If you are looking for a tank for your bio-energy installation, Gpi Tanks XL can supply tanks for a variety of applications in the production of bio-energy. One such example is a fermentation tank, which we can produce in diameters and heights up to 30 metres.

Fermentation tank

Bio-energy is produced from biomass, which can come in the form of either animal or plant material, such as organic/garden waste or manure. Energy is produced through fermentation in special air-tight tanks, a process in which bacteria and mould convert the biomass into bio-gas.

This process requires a special installation which heats the biomass and uses an agitator to stir the biomass to help the process run as smoothly as possible. We are also able to supply these installations

together with other tanks, including storage tanks, for your bio-energy system. Our experts would be happy to advise.

Stainless steel tanks

All tanks produced by Gpi are made from stainless steel, which is a strong, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance material. We are able to advise on the most suitable type, thickness and finish according to your requirements. Learn more about stainless steel.

The key benefits of stainless-steel tanks in the production of bio-energy:

  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion
  • No protective coatings or corrosion allowance required
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Rapid installation
  • Resale value at the end of the tank’s service life
Rvs tanks

Safety and quality

At Gpi, safety and quality always have top priority We work to relevant safety and quality standards throughout the production process, including VCA-P, ISO 9001 and NEN-EN 1090. Learn more about our standards and certifications.

Where we construct our products

We produce tanks in our production hall or on site. We will advise you of the best location for the project according to the size of the tank, the distance to your site and the number of tanks being produced. Learn more about our production methods below.

Opslagtank chemie

Our construction methods

We use innovative production methods to help ensure maximum quality and short lead times. With our ‘shop built’ construction method, we can construct tanks in our plant fully ready for installation, we even take care of transport to your site. We can also construct complete tanks on site with our single tank on site and multiple tanks on site construction methods. Learn more about the options.

Shop built

  • Complete production in our XL production hall in Groot-Ammers.
  • Stainless steel tanks with a capacity to 5000 m3.
  • Transport and installation taken care of.
  • We can ship tanks directly via the waterways.

Single tank on site

  • One or multiple XL tank(s) constructed on site.
  • To 30 metres diameter and 30 metres in height.
  • When transport or installation on site is difficult or impossible.
  • Efficient production on site with our proprietary coil building system.

Multiple tanks on site

  • Multiple XL tanks constructed on site.
  • To 30 metres diameter and 30 metres in height.
  • When transport or installation on site is difficult or impossible.
  • An efficient process for the production of multiple tanks on site at the same time.

Your enquiry online in three easy steps

Prefer to have your tanks constructed in our plant and shipped or assembled right there on site? Please follow the simple step-by-step process that we have set up to help you with your enquiry.

About Gpi Tanks XL

Gpi Tanks XL is a pioneering tank construction company based in the Netherlands. We have a motivated and qualified team that works with passionate enthusiasm to create our products. We take care of the whole process from start to finish, beginning with design by our own engineers, followed by production, transport and installation. We can also construct tanks on site. We can construct tanks on site to a diameter and height of 30 metres. Our location in Groot-Ammers is located adjacent to the river, so we can ship tanks directly using the waterways.