Safety and quality

Your and our safety is always our top priority. We are proud to hold a number of certifications for safety, and we are always up to date on the latest standards. We strive to deliver products and services of the very highest quality and are proud to be certified to various standards to give you, the client, absolute peace of mind.


ISO 45001

Gpi prioritises the safety of you and its employees. We are certified according to ISO 45001, the internationally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all.

PGS – Publication Series on Hazardous Substances

PGS guidelines are designed for companies that work with hazardous substances and for the government agency responsible for supervision and issuing permits. We are well acquainted with the relevant guidelines governing storage tanks for flammable and/or chemical liquids: PGS 29, PGS 30 and PGS 31. We would be happy to advise on all topics relating to PGS.

Quality – certifications and standards

To be able to assess our quality, we satisfy all requisite certification criteria and work to a number of standards and directives. This way, we can demonstrate our compliance with the current requirements of our clients and the supervisory bodies, and ensure that we deliver reliable products and services.

ISO 9001

We hold the ISO 9001 certificate, the most well-known quality management certification worldwide.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certification underlines our ambitions as an organization to comply with environmental regulations.

ISO 45001

As an ISO 45001-certified company, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety and continually striving to improve.


We are fully up to date on the standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for internationally qualified pressure equipment.

PED module H & H1,NEN-EN 13445,

The H and H1 certification under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) safeguards the quality of pressure equipment designed and constructed by Gpi, namely tanks with a pressure in excess of 0.5 bar(g). We have considerable experience with the relevant European standard, NEN-EN 13445, but we are also well acquainted with AD2000 and ASME.

We also work to the Machinery Directive and can issue CE certificates should this be required for a tank.

ISO 3834-2

We are also certified to ISO 3834-2, the highest certification level available for quality assurance in metal fusion welding.

NEN-EN 1090

We are certified to European standard NEN-EN 1090. This certification allows us to construct to Executive Class III for structural steelwork.

NEN-EN 14015,

We are well acquainted with European standards NEN-EN 14015 and EN1993-4-2 for the design and manufacture of on-site constructed vertical, cylindrical, above-ground, welded steel tanks with flat bottoms for the storage of liquids at ambient temperature and above.

These European standards may be applied in combination with PGS 29; the construction of these tanks is supervised by a Notified Body (NoBo)

DIN 4119 Deutsches Institut für Normung

Construction standard DIN 4119 applies in Germany to flat-bottomed tanks and we can sell our products in Germany under this standard. 

In combination with other legislation, including the German Water Resources Act (Wasserhaushaltzgesetz) and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), our tanks can also be purchased in conjunction with the TÜV. 

We are TÜV certified as a qualified company in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (Wasserhaushaltzgesetz).

Kiwa BRL-K756/03

Through the Kiwa product certificate BRL-K756/03, we satisfy the Kiwa guidelines for single and double-walled vertical cylindrical tanks for above-ground depressurised storage of liquids to max. 150 m3.

Kiwa offers services globally, including testing, inspection and certification to help enhance quality worldwide.

Kiwa BRL-K21051-01

Kiwa offers services globally, including testing, inspection and certification to help enhance quality worldwide.

BS-2654 & API 650

In addition to the aforementioned national, European and international standards, we also work to British BS-2654 and US standard API 650.


European ATEX certification is extremely important in explosion safety when working with hazardous substances. We are well acquainted with the standard and would be happy to advise if required.

ISO = International standard
NEN = National (Dutch) standard
EN = European standard

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