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The team of Gpi Tanks XL consists of engineers, technicians, business boosters and innovators. Gpi integrates experience and knowledge from people with very different professional and personal backgrounds in order to distinguish ourselves in terms of technology, process and teamwork. Commited with our projects and clients, we strive for the highest quality and are not satisfied with less. We carry out our projects with maximum attention to health and safety.

Denis Brouwer

Managing Director

Ralph Schoormans

Operational Manager

Rick Cluistra

Sales Manager

Eric Dekkers

Sales Engineer

Lisa Overbeek

Project Manager

Vince Boef

Project Manager

Nico van der Linden

Lead engineer

André Schaap

Site Supervisor

Laurent Provido

Site Supervisor

Sybe Haringsma


Britt Rekoert

Site Supervisor

Dennie Hoenselaar

Site Supervisor

Mike Stigter


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