New series of duplex tanks helps Sensus expand

‘Gpi is a reliable business with friendly, customer-minded staff with a great deal of in-house know-how. I wouldn’t think twice about working on a new project with them.”

Sensus produces inuline and oligofructose from chicory root. These innovative ingredients are prebiotic fibres used to replace sugar or fat. In order to realise the company’s growth ambitions and to raise production levels, Sensus identified a need for new systems, including new stainless steel storage tanks.

Hamid Ayache, project manager at Sensus, was involved throughout the project. He explains the company’s reasoning behind the request: “In order to achieve the desired growth, it was vital we were able to increase production. This meant we needed more storage capacity. To do this new stainless steel tanks were necessary. Sensus was already familiar with Gpi and we invited them for exploratory talks on site.” After a positive initial phase, Gpi Tanks XL was given the order for the construction of duplex stainless steels tanks for Sensus.

Hamid Ayache, project manager at Sensus

About the tanks and their use

The order placed by Sensus with Gpi involved a series of storage tanks for the production of FOS, or fructo-oligosaccharides. After storage in the tanks, the product is bleached and pasteurised. Because the product has to stay clean and cool, it is filtered and refrigerated. For that reason, the tanks are fully insulated with Kaiflex. The tanks were manufactured from high-quality, durable stainless steel duplex 1.4162. The building standard used was SEP, based on NEN-EN 14015 guidelines.

Advantages of on-site production

The tanks were produced on-site at Sensus in Roosendaal using an efficient production method. “This enabled us to start straight away with engineering work and construction of the tanks. In this way we were able to make considerable savings in time and costs, not least in large-scale transportation. Production went according to plan. The last few tanks were quickly needed because of the scaled-up operations. Construction was performed in double-quick time and the Gpi supervisor made both a friendly and customer-minded impression. Not only was he able to fall back on a wealth of know-how, he was fully aware of his own team’s capabilities,” explains Hamid.

The collaboration

Hamid is positive about his experiences with Gpi: “They are a reliable partner and as long as the complete package fits the bill, I wouldn’t think twice about working with them next time. Communication with Gpi has always been positive. You only get to know your suppliers properly when a problem occurs. We had an issue with the first three tanks. Gpi showed up within two hours and solved the problem there and then. It was, as agreed, satisfactorily resolved. It’s good to know that there are people doing all they can to solve problems like this.”

Increased production capacity

Hamid is delighted with the outcome: “The manoeuvring of the tanks into position impressed staff at Sensus. Using 3 cranes, the tanks were slotted into place without a hitch. In 2022, we will be running our 31st campaign with chicory roots, from which our ingredients are extracted. Because of the increased capacity, including the new stainless steel tanks, production levels can be raised this year.”

About Sensus

Sensus forms part of Royal Cosun, an agricultural cooperative dating from 1899. The company processes crops to make everyday products. The companies affiliated to the group include Cosun Beet Company, Aviko, Duynie Group, Sensus and SVZ. These companies produce plant-based ingredients for humans and animals, as well as green solutions, such as bio-energy. Roosendaal-based Sensus started in 1991 with the processing of chicory and other raw materials.

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