It’s about coordinating and managing literally everything that the construction project entails. Which makes my work really varied.

Project Manager Lisa: ‘There’s an atmosphere of openness at Gpi Tanks XL. We collectively work on ensuring our projects are successful. The fact that I can learn from my colleagues along the way bolsters my personal development’. 

Lisa Overbeek is one of the staff at Gpi Tanks XL who, together with the enthusiastic project management team, is jointly responsible for managing the large tank construction projects in situ. After studying engineering management, she started out as an intern at Gpi, working on a process optimisation study in tanks for the pharmaceutical industry. As the study drew to a close, Lisa was invited to join the Gpi family permenantly. After some good research she decided that her primary interest was in project management. Geert Mulder, who was engaged in setting up Gpi Tanks XL at the time, asked Lisa to work for XL’s project management team.

Lisa Overbeek tanks

Within Gpi XL, Lisa is responsible for managing the XL tank construction projects in situ. ‘It’s about coordinating and managing literally everything that the construction project entails. Which makes my work really varied. My remit mainly encompasses the planning and the budget. As a project manager, I see to the purchasing of the material for the project. So I need to be able to drive a hard bargain’, laughs Lisa. ‘In terms of planning, all the separate details need to be sutured together to form a living, breathing entity, a complete picture. This can range from ordering material, organising transport and construction cranes to outsourcing production of highly specific technical components.’

That said, Lisa is also responsible for enlisting and rostering the people working on the construction project. Who is needed when, what the relevant specialisms are. Hence at Gpi the project manager is very much the central point of contact for all information, both internal and external, throughout the process of constructing the stainless steel tank(s). ‘Sometimes my work is about the tiny details. From coordinating a huge consignment that lots of different parties are involved in to taking a roll of tape to the construction site’, says Lisa. ‘And that’s precisely what makes the job so varied and interesting.’ The passion of Gpi Tanks XL’s project management team is being noticed by customers, as Lisa states that she frequently hears from them that Gpi Tanks XL is pulling out all the stops to ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, we’re doing our utmost to supply a high-quality product.’

Gpi as an employer

Gpi is giving me the opportunity to continue learning and to keep growing’, says Lisa. ‘The atmosphere here is good too. The work at Gpi Tanks XL gets done collectively, which is evident from the culture of openness. All my colleagues are accessible and approachable, including the management and the directors. Lisa adds: ‘I enjoy learning from my experienced colleagues, in the profession, which is why I like it when they take a look at my work and highlight any room for improvement. Constructive feedback fosters a good atmosphere.’

Lisa is committed to customers and projects, is an effective contributor to the thinking process and always endeavours to fulfil customers’ wishes. She has a great deal of knowledge of and experience in process optimisation, which is evident in the implementation of her projects. Moreover, she is currently working on setting up a monthly calculation. Improving processes within the organisation. Another goal that will help Gpi Tanks XL succeed.

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