2,000 m3 tank built on location in Ireland for ED&F MAN

‘Seamless collaboration from initial order to delivery’

Gpi was set the challenge of constructing a 2,000 m3 storage tank for ED&F Man Liquid Products Ireland in Dublin. The tank is designed for the storage of vegetable oils, but is also suitable for much denser and viscous products, such as molasses.

On-site construction

The tank was built on location according to the ‘single tank on-site’ production method using a specially designed coil building system. The tank has a diameter of over 13.3 metres and a height of 15 metres and was completed in situ in just nine weeks. The hull of the tank is manufactured from lean duplex (1.4062/1.4162) and the flanges, pipes and supports from stainless steel 304(L). The work was carried out in conformity with EN 14015, the European standard for design and fabrication of site-built, vertical, cylindrical, above ground, welded steel tanks for the storage of liquids.

About the collaboration

Alex Eijgenraam, Technical Manager EFEA at ED&F MAN explains about the project and the collaboration:

Our collaboration with Gpi was seamless, from the initial order up to and including delivery, just as I had experienced in a previous project with Gpi. This is the first stainless steel tank of such proportions to be built at our terminals and we anticipate no maintenance will be needed. During construction there were a number of extraneous circumstances which prevented the possibility of building on the foundations, as had initially been intended. Gpi was more than happy to adapt to this new situation and the tank was eventually built in another location and lifted in its entirety onto the foundations. The quality of the tank is not open to question and Gpi delivered fully in compliance with what was agreed.

The client

ED&F Man Liquid products trades in, processes and distributes molasses, vinasse and related products. Molasses is a viscous by-product in the production of sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet. It has a wide range of applications: for example, molasses is used in animal feed, for fermentation, for renewable energy and in the ecological treatment of waste. The new tank was constructed at the terminal in Dublin harbour where ED&F Man has been distributing molasses to local processors for more than 40 years. Furthermore, the terminal offers additional capacity to third parties for the storage and distribution of other agricultural products.

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