PGS 29

Dutch guideline for above-ground storage of flammable fluids

PGS 29 – Dutch guideline for above-ground storage of flammable fluids in vertical cylindrical tanks

PGS 29 applies to you if you are planning to invest in a storage tank for storing flammable liquids. The guideline applies during the entire life phase of the storage tank. PGS guidelines are designed for companies that produce, transport, store or use hazardous substances and for authorities responsible for supervision of and issuing permits for these companies. It provides an overview of data from regulations, requirements, criteria and conditions.

The aim of the PGS 29 is in general to reduce safety risks. The directive aims to be a framework for both industry and government. For the Dutch government, the directive is the basis for granting permits and for industry it is the basis for designing installations.



Safety & Quality

A licensing procedure can be a complicated matter. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is important to carry out a good inventory of the standards etc. the installation (and tank) needs to comply with. Here, the regulatory bodies can reference various norms and standards during licensing, such as PGS 29, PGS 30, PGS31 and EN 14015. Gpi Tanks XL knows the application of these regulations. We can help and advise you on the acquisition of the correct licences, and  furthermore support you during the talks with governmental institutions.

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