NEN-EN 13445

EU standard for pressure tanks as well as pressure equipment in tanks

NEN-EN 13445 | EU standard for design, fabrication, and inspection of stainless steel pressure tanks as well as heating/cooling coils used in the installation of the entire tank system

Within the European Union, the design and manufacture of pressure vessels but also components like heating coils in larger storage tanks is regulated by the Official Journal of the European Union contained in DIRECTIVE 2014/68/EU. The document is a directive of national regulations and a supplement to the well-known PED Directive. The heating or cooling circuit for the product contained in a tank may be considered as pressure equipment and should be designed, manufactured, installed and tested in accordance with EN 13345 prEN13480 as appropiate. It should also undergo a pressure test as required by the rules connected with the heat transfer product which it contains.

NEN-EN 13445 specifies the requirements that not only pressure vessels but also (tank) components such as the heating or cooling circuit must meet. It specifies requirements for traceability, tolerances for manufacturing, requirements for welding, requirements for permanent connections other than welding, production testing, requirements for forming, heat treatment, repairs and finishing.

Gpi products are designed and manufactured on individual request and according to the European standard.  Engineers, on the basis of technical specifications, calculate, optimise and select the material which will be resistant to the stored substance. 

Gpi trusts only the highest quality stainless steel, which guarantees quality and corrosion resistance. Strength calculations based on the specified standard are carried out by an experienced team of specialists from the design department. Designers precisely determine the wall thicknesses in the tanks and other operating parameters. Gpi specialists are familiar with all aspects of manufacturing industrial stainless steel tanks and know exactly how to optimise a given tank in terms of size, wall thickness, material and components selection to make it functional, safe and cost-effective.

stainless steel storage tanks

Material identification for stainless steel tanks

Material identification is fundamental to be able to safely build and use a steel structure. The EN13445-3:2021 standard specifies in detail the range of temperatures and the type of material that can be used in the construction of stainless steel tanks. Customer receive a full material list with technical specifications,  test results and quality control protocols.

Our quality control pays specific attention to the correct execution of material and tank tests like:

  • Nondestructive testing to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage
  • Material thickness required by EN 13445
  • The verification of welding materials and their markings

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